Nature’s Balance is a local Utah company, not a franchise. We know the types of insects and rodents that thrive here. Because of the low humidity and cold winters, we are not plagued with huge insect problems in the Wasatch Mountains.

However, we do have insects and pests that have the ability to cause severe damage to you, your loved ones, and your property. As your neighbor along the Wasatch Back, we balance effective pest control and your safety by offering dependable service with environmentally friendly products at prices that rival synthetic chemical users. Our products are made from plant oils and other natural ingredients…and they smell good too! Read more about our approach on our Facebook and Google + pages.

As a homeowner or property manager, you can depend on our responsiveness and affordability. Since we live and work here locally, we can respond promptly to your pest management needs. Our long list of repeat customers and referrals from existing customers attests to our attention to detail in making sure that you are satisfied.

We want your business and your satisfaction. Let Nature’s Balance put your household needs first by using eco-friendly, safe and effective pest control solutions. Call or email for a free evaluation!